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Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2023 - Molly Georgia Photography

Hey there!

Welcome back to the blog and the first one of 2023, you’ll be seeing a lot more from now on.

Something else is also coming towards the end of the month, something downloadable...

So keep your eyes peeled!

2023 is here which means the trends for the year are too! Let’s break down my top 5 for this season and see what’s in this year. From Unplugged ceremonies, Pearl accessories and Elopements. I’ve compiled my own list and shared them below, let me know what you think 😊

Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2023 -

What's In?

1. Unplugged Ceremonies

Images from Pinterest

2. Outdoor weddings – Al fresco wedding ceremonies

Images from Pinterest

3. Intimate Weddings

Images from Pinterest

4. Bows, Feathers & Pearls

Images from Pinterest

5. Elopements

That's it, the top 5 wedding trends for 2023! I love the idea of all of these trends. Bows, Pearls and Feathers have got to be one of my favourites along with unplugged ceremonies!

Let me know below if you're planning your wedding for 2023 and are including any of the trends listed above. I'd love to know your favourite too.

See you next Friday for another blog!

Molly x

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